Recipe Recon

Recipe Recon by Diabetic Foodie
Occasionally (about once a month), you’ll see recipes tagged Recipe Recon. This means I have scoured other food blogs to find amazing recipes (done reconnaissance) and then tweaked those recipes to make them diabetic-friendly (done reconstruction). We’re not talking complete renovation, we’re talking simple “big bang for the buck” changes.

If you see the badge on the right on another blog, you’ll know at least one of their recipes has been “recon-ed.”

For readers: If you find a recipe on another blog or website and you’d like me to take a stab at making it more diabetic-friendly, please email the link to along with your name and where you live.

For other bloggers: If you’d be interested in having one of your recipes featured in Recipe Recon, please send email to and include a link to your blog’s home page.

This is my way of introducing you to some incredible food blogs you might otherwise miss!