Fit with Diabetes Review

As far as managing diabetes is concerned, exercise is the best drug. It improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin, helps you sleep better, relieves stress, keeps your heart healthy, and is critical for maintaining weight loss. Having trouble starting or maintaining a fitness program? Check out Christel Oerum’s new ebook, Fit with Diabetes.

Fit with Diabetes gang at DiabetesSisters conference

Working out with Christel at the DiabetesSisters conference, October 2017

Christel, a personal trainer and diabetes coach who has type 1, founded the website DiabetesStrong (formerly The Fit Blog). My exercise life was hit or miss until I signed up for one of Christel’s diabetes fitness challenges early last year.

During the challenge, I learned how important resistance training is to a fitness routine. I also discovered a treasure trove of exercise videos on Christel’s YouTube channel covering cardio, dumbbell workouts, and even some yoga. What I like about the videos is that I can do them at home or when I’m in a hotel room. Each routine is roughly seven minutes long and you just repeat it three or four times depending on how much time you have available.

I saw such positive results from the workouts, my husband started doing them too. And, every time my 6-year-old niece comes to visit, she asks “Can we exercise?” Her favorite is the low-impact aerobics video with the “shuffle, shuffle, curtsy” routine.

Fit with Diabetes cover

Photo courtesy of Christel Oerum

What You’ll Find in Fit with Diabetes

Christel has distilled her advice into 82 pages of education, tools, and tips. Fit with Diabetes covers:

  • Goals and Motivation
  • Diabetes and Cardio
  • Diabetes and Resistance Training
  • Finding Your Formula
  • How to Design a Workout Program
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • How to Find Your Daily Calorie Need
  • Meal Planning
  • How to Lose Weight
  • Other Healthy Habits

Who Will Benefit from Fit with Diabetes

As I mentioned, Christel has type 1, so there is a lot of advice in the ebook about coordinating exercise with insulin. However, even if you have type 2 or prediabetes, you’ll find a ton of relevant information. Topics like understanding the importance of setting realistic goals, how aerobic and anaerobic exercise may impact your blood sugar differently, and healthy nutrition apply to everyone.

I also love Christel’s emphasis on writing everything down. Without data, you can’t analyze your results to know what works best for you. Like Christel, I’m a big believer in logging everything. I also frequently reference the advice I once heard at a diabetes support group meeting about checking blood glucose before and after workouts.


If you want to start exercising, but feel overwhelmed, shuffle, shuffle, curtsy your way over to the DiabetesStrong website and grab a copy of Fit with Diabetes. You’ll learn a lot and just may find the motivation you need.

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