Black Bean Burger with Sriracha and Egg

Every time you eat a black bean burger, do you think it lacks flavor and juiciness? Try this version loaded with red bell peppers, onions, and (surprise!) water chestnuts. Served bunless and topped with a runny egg and sriracha sauce, this black bean burger packs quite a tasty vegetarian punch.

Black Bean Burger with Sriracha and Egg

When my nephew was about three years old, we were in a restaurant and he wasn’t interested in eating whatever boring item he had ordered off the kids’ menu. Wandering over to my chair, he pointed to my chicken wrap with black beans and said “I want some of that.”

Never one to discourage a child from trying a new food, I gave him a bite (after requesting he say “please,” of course). His eyes lit up, a passion for black beans ignited. He’s still the only kid I’ve ever known who actually wants beans on his Chipotle burrito.

Fast forward 10 years. I’m again in a restaurant with my nephew who is intrigued at the thought of ordering a black bean burger. “I just don’t know how it’s served,” he says to his dad. “Are black beans mixed in with the meat or are they on top?” When I explain that a black bean burger is a meatless option with mashed up beans creating a burger effect, he looks horrified (as does his father).

My nephew didn’t order the black bean burger that night, but I’ve been on a quest ever since to find a recipe I think he’d like. The Sriracha Black Bean Burger from Small Bites just might do the trick.

Black Bean Burger with Sriracha and Egg

My Notes on the Sriracha Black Bean Burger Recipe

I won’t repeat the recipe here, since I really didn’t make significant changes. Here’s the original recipe. My notes:

  • I used extra-virgin olive oil instead of canola.
  • The CompostMaster hates cilantro, so I left it out.
  • We drizzled sriracha on top of our eggs.
  • Time-saving tip: Make the black bean burgers ahead and freeze or refrigerate. They reheat beautifully in the microwave.
  • Gluten-free? Try gluten-free panko (affiliate link).
  • Vegan? Use a vegan egg substitute (affiliate link) inside the burger and guacamole instead of an egg on top.


  1. Shelby Kinnaird says

    Chris – I’m so glad you and your husband enjoyed the burgers! And thanks for the tip about the link.

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