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Thanks to OXO, it’s going to be a fabulous Thanksgiving. They sent my Virtual Potluck friends and me an amazing set of their GoodGrips® tools, some of which I’ve been eyeing for years. If you’re lucky, you might win a set too. Keep reading for details about how to enter the giveaway. We’ll all be featuring Thanksgiving dishes made using our OXO tools next week. Thanks to Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen for organizing this event.

So far I’ve used the poultry shears, the silicone basting brush and the potato ricer.

OXO Poultry Shears OXO Silicone Basting Brush OXO 3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer
Photos courtesy of OXO

The poultry shears made quick work of removing the backbone from a chicken (more on that next week). One thing I really love about them is that the two blades come apart for cleaning. There’s no chance of getting chicken gunk caught in the pivot mechanism.

The basting brush is the most unusual one I’ve ever seen. It has normal bristles on the outside and fat, wide, rubbery bristles with circle cut-outs on the inside. The idea is that the circles cling to liquids better for easier movement between basting liquid and baste-ee. The silicone bristles are heat resistant to 600°F so you can use the brush directly on a smoking hot pan.

But the item I’ve used the most so far is the potato ricer. I know you’re probably wondering why you would want a single-use device to clutter up a kitchen drawer, especially when that single use is mashing potatoes, something diabetics shouldn’t eat too often anyway. Well, this is much more than a one-trick gadget. So far, it has worked beautifully to accomplish the following:

  • squeeze the water out of thawed, frozen spinach for making a quiche
  • cut cold butter into small pieces for Cheddar-Chive Biscuits
  • mash up cooked sweet potatoes for Gingered Sweet Potato Bisque (more on this next week too)

OXO logo
I loved OXO before; I love them even more now. If you’re as enamored with them as I am, you might want to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


I’m giving away a set of OXO cooking tools worth approximately $150 which includes:

To enter, leave a comment and tell me which OXO tool you’d be most excited to win and what you’d do with it. The contest will run through Wednesday, November 14, 2012. The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, November 15, 2012. You must be at least 18 years of age with a U.S. mailing address to win. No purchase is necessary; void where prohibited. The winner will be notified by email and must respond within 24 hours or another winner may be selected. (Please make sure email from doesn’t end up in your spam folder.)

Disclaimer: I received a free set of cooking tools from OXO plus a second set to give away. All opinions are my own.


  1. Beth Anne says

    I would LOVE to win the potato ricer!! I’ve been wanting to make gnocchi and all the recipes I have call for putting the potatoes through a ricer :)

  2. christopher sorel says

    A fat separator would be great to have to make gravy. I just usually have to put in fridge then scrap off

  3. Sherry says

    Good Grips Poultry Shears Have to be my tool of choice! They would be very useful this time of the year! I love OXO!

  4. Robin Ball says

    Have you tried the storage containers with the one button seal?

    They are great! I live in rural Montana and have to guard against little critters that might visit and these are so easy to seal and hold tight! I have a OXO can opener and it always works after 7 years and is easy to hold and apply pressure, I first heard of this company on Martha. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Holidays.
    Robin in Lincoln County Montana

  5. Lori Smith says

    My little family loves OXO – every product we have tried has been great! We have the canisters with the one button seal (we store everything in them – flour, cereal, coffee, etc.. We also use their silicone spatulas, veggie peeler and mixing bowls.

  6. Sheri Taylor says

    I don’t know how to choose which tool I’m most excited about. The leave-in thermometer would be amazing and would guarantee I never overcook pork again and the ricer would be a fun new implement that my 3 year old daughter could use when she helps me in the kitchen. Love OXO products!!

  7. Caroline says

    I would love all these but the digital thermometer would be my best friend for smoking turkey which is a passion of mine! Yumm can’t wait for turkey day!

  8. Trevor Shelton says

    Potato Ricer! I have been subbing cauliflower for potatoes for “mashed” mix and this would save a lot of time. I would also love to attempt gnocchi to surprise my wife!

  9. Karen Lynch says

    Would live the potato ricer for making mashed potatoes. People have been telling me it really makes a difference and I’d love to put it to the test.

  10. says

    I want that adjustable potato ricer — sound like the bomb! I will rice up some fluffy bleu cheese mash or gluten-free spaetzle. I think it could also be great for pressing excess water out of tofu and spinach for my Italian spinach tofu patties.

  11. Sabrina Parnell says

    Actuall I love them all, but to pick just one I would say the digital thermometer. We eat a lot of chicken here, baked that is, so that would be so handy. And I could use it for our Thansgiving turkey as well.

  12. says

    I would love the ricer, but the thermometer would be awesome, too. I have a small problem when it comes to loving kitchen tools. :)

  13. Kathy s says

    I’d love the potato ricer. My mother made potatoes that way and I’d love to try it myself.

  14. jwlucasnc says

    Leave it to OXO to come up with such a clever design for poultry shears. I’m a huge fan of their products and have been eyeing the leave-in thermometer for some time. This prize pack would get a real workout in my kitchen.

  15. Khanh says

    I’m a huge OXO fan and love all their tools and gadgets, but I have to say I’m most excited about their fat separator. I absolutely love homemade gravy (chicken, beef, turkey…) and this would be so useful!!!

  16. says

    So glad to be a part of this terrific giveaway! I love OXO! Have a post up now with recipe and will link to my giveaway tomorrow! Loving the Ricer!!

  17. Tanya Phillips says

    I’m excited about the potato ricer, I’ve always wanted one and I’ve seen people put cauliflower in it too! Thanks :)

  18. PHILL TERRY says


  19. Denise Sommerfeld says

    I would want the Silicone Basting Brush, I always try to keep my turkey basted really well. Thanks OXO

  20. Nikki says

    I would love the potato ricer! I love all things potatoes but I never thought to use one for draining spinach, such a great idea!!

  21. nik says

    The 3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer sounds fabulous…I’d love to try using it to make a mashed blueberry sauce for ice cream! :)

  22. Breean G says

    I would love to try the silicone pot holder! I have never tried one, but I’m always searching for a decent pot holder that doesn’t burn my hands!

  23. Ashley says

    Ooh excited for the Chef’s Digital Leave-In Thermometer! I’d use it for all the deliciousness I plan to cook on my new grill! Plus, OXO products are the best, they make my kitchen happy :)

  24. Linda S. says

    I’d like the digital leave-in thermometer, because like a lot of people, I’ve left instant thermometers in the turkey by mistake.

  25. Barb says

    I would love the potato ricer I never thought of using it for butter .What a great idea !Thank You thats what i love about your blog learning new things

  26. Kristen M. says

    I’d be especially thrilled to receive the poultry shears because my current kitchen scissors are rather dull from frequent use and borrowing by other household members.

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