Food, Art, and Nature Flourish in Phoenix, Arizona

Yogurt with Homemade Granola & Fresh Fruit at The Farm at South Mountain

While tuned into the College Football National Championship Game, I was reminded of the trip the CompostMaster and I took to Phoenix just before Christmas. Seeing the images of the stadium, cacti at the Desert Botanical Garden, and gorgeous sunsets on TV made me want to relive the experience. I’m bummed that my stepson’s alma…

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I Should Have Been One of the #FoodiesinPhoenix

Queen Creek Olive Mill tasting

I didn’t even know that “resort wear” was a legitimate category for clothing. My travel wardrobe generally consists of zip-off hiking pants, Keen sandals, and T-shirts. Sometimes I throw in some “nice” clothes and shoes hoping we’ll get to dine in a refined place. When the folks at Visit Phoenix and Visit Mesa invited me…

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