I Should Have Been One of the #FoodiesinPhoenix

Queen Creek Olive Mill tasting

I didn’t even know that “resort wear” was a legitimate category for clothing. My travel wardrobe generally consists of zip-off hiking pants, Keen sandals, and T-shirts. Sometimes I throw in some “nice” clothes and shoes hoping we’ll get to dine in a refined place. When the folks at Visit Phoenix and Visit Mesa invited me…

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Gourmet Dining at Sea

Sugar and Salt by Annie Mahle

This week’s Virtual Potluck features recipes from Annie Mahle’s book Sugar & Salt: A Year at Home and at Sea. Annie is the Chef/Owner of the two-masted restaurant and sailing schooner J. & E. Riggin, based out of Rockland, Maine. Keep reading to discover how you can win your own copy of Annie’s book. Appropriately,…

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