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Pickled Pink Onion Relish

I’m a sucker for anything that includes a jolt of vinegar. I just can’t seem to get enough of the tang. This brilliant pink pickled onion relish is the perfect condiment in my book. I’ve used it on salads, to top burgers and served alongside meatloaf. I’ve even eaten these onions straight from the jar [...]

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Cinnamon Applesauce (Slow Cooker)

If you weed through an array of options and read a lot of labels, you can find prepared applesauce without high fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings or artificial sweeteners at the grocery store. Why bother when making your own is so easy?

All you have to do is peel and slice some apples and throw them [...]

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Artichoke Hummus

Whenever I made hummus in the past, it always required buying a giant jar of tahini (the only size I could find) which then sat in my refrigerator for months until I remembered it was in there and threw it out. I wasn’t a hummus-a-holic back in those days, so I didn’t make it often. [...]

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