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Oven-Fried Chicken with Egg White Chips

Before Thanksgiving I received samples of new chips to try. The chips, called ips, are made from egg whites instead of potatoes so the theory is that they have more protein and less carbs than normal chips. Since I hosted the Thanksgiving meal, my plan was to have all of our guests sample the chips [...]

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Review: Hi-Caf Caramel Black Tea

I recently hosted a virtual tea party by inviting a group of Diabetic Foodie readers to help me review a new product from The Republic of Tea. I sent each participant 3 or 4 tea bags and asked them to try the tea and fill out a short survey. They didn’t know the brand, the [...]

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5 Things to Do with Sesame Oil

I recently received a bottle of Emile Noël’s artisan sesame oil. Just how much better could a cold-pressed, organic virgin oil be?

First, I did a taste test and compared the artisan oil with the brand I normally buy. There was no food in the way, I just stuck my finger into both oils and tasted [...]

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