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I Survived Dr. Hyman's 10-Day Detox

Some readers of this blog, the CompostMaster and I recently took on the challenge presented in The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman, MD. Dr. Hyman is one of the physicians featured in the recent movie Fed Up.

We carefully reviewed the diet, which was recommended to us by our doctor, before we [...]

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Indian Spinach Curry (Palak Paneer)

Since I’m experimenting more and more with vegan and gluten-free foods and I love all types of ethnic cuisines, I was delighted to receive a copy of Dahlia Abraham-Klein’s new book Silk Road Vegetarian.

Sharing the “secrets of healthy and sustainable eating as practiced along the trade routes of Asia for centuries,” this book is perfect [...]

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Quinoa Salad with Grapefruit and Avocado

As I flipped through 125 Best Vegan Recipes by Maxine Effenson Chuck and Beth Gurney, this recipe for a quinoa salad featuring grapefruit and avocado spoke to me. The CompostMaster had picked up a bag of key limes at our food coop and I thought their juice would be perfect in the dressing.

I had a [...]

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