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5 Ways to Improve Hospital Cafeteria Food

My best friend recently had surgery. She had a few complications that landed her in the hospital for several nights, so I ate at least one meal in the hospital cafeteria for three consecutive days. Given that I’ve been trying to eat less wheat, less dairy and less meat, my choices were somewhat limited.

First there [...]

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Going Mediterranean in Maine

If you’re ever on your way to or from Bar Harbor, Maine or Acadia National Park and you want to feel grown up, stop in at Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro in Ellsworth and have yourself a bite to eat.

The Grillmaster and I visited Cleonice on our Thanksgiving trip to Maine for a late lunch. We could [...]

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High Volt-age: Dining at Bryan Voltaggio's Place

When my husband and I were in the Washington, DC area between Christmas and New Year’s, we tried to get a reservation at Volt in Frederick, MD where Bryan Voltaggio, from last season’s Top Chef, is the chef/owner. We were told, very politely, that it takes about three months to get a reservation on a [...]

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