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5 Ways to Improve Hospital Cafeteria Food

My best friend recently had surgery. She had a few complications that landed her in the hospital for several nights, so I ate at least one meal in the hospital cafeteria for three consecutive days. Given that I’ve been trying to eat less wheat, less dairy and less meat, my choices were somewhat limited.

First there [...]

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

My diabetes journey has been a long road. In the 14 years since I was diagnosed with type 2, I’ve made a lot of changes to my eating habits and lost a lot of weight. I’ve also learned that diabetes becomes harder to control the longer you have it. Things that once worked don’t work [...]

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Raising Diabetes Awareness

Dr. Mario Trucillo, medical editor for the American Recall Center, recently asked me the #1 thing I wanted people to know about diabetes. Here’s what I said:

There is no such thing as a “diabetic” diet. Different things work for different people. Yes, we have to watch what we eat. Yes, we have to monitor the [...]

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