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Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls

Need an easy, make-ahead appetizer for your Oscar-watching party that will please your friends who are following low carb or dairy-free diets? Try these fancy-looking smoked salmon and cucumber rolls.

When you trim the salmon and julienne the cucumber, make sure your strips of salmon are just a bit narrower than your strips of cucumber. You [...]

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Thai Shrimp and Noodles (with Coconut Oil)

Continuing my research into cooking with coconut oil, I decided to try a stir-fry where a coconut flavor would be appreciated. A Thai dish with shrimp and noodles sounded perfect.

Before we get to the recipe, let’s talk about why some folks say coconut oil is “healthy” even though it contains more than 90% saturated fat. [...]

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Pea Pancakes

When I was cooking these pancakes, I accidentally ripped one in half. Of course, I had to eat it. I certainly didn’t want an ugly pancake on my platter in the midst of all of the pretty ones. I was tempted to make more messy ones, let me tell you. I couldn’t believe that such [...]

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