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Carrot Fruit Juice

So when exactly does Santa start his naughty list for the following year? Does he wait until after New Year’s or does he begin keeping track on Christmas Day? If it’s Christmas Day, I think I’m in trouble for next year. Yesterday, I ate so, so many things I shouldn’t have.

The Grillmaster and I arrived [...]

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Apple-Tomato Toddy

At this time of year, it’s fun to think about cozy sweaters and hot beverages in front of the fireplace. The good news is that I’ll have a fireplace again this winter. The bad news is that it’s gas instead of a real fireplace that burns wood logs. And the cozy sweater thing? It’s a [...]

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Spinach Smoothie

I had a check-up with a new doctor recently and she gave me a recipe for a smoothie that includes mineral water as an ingredient. I’m usually not a mineral water fan; actually, I don’t drink many carbonated beverages at all.

When I attended the Eat, Write, Retreat conference in Philadelphia last May, Gerolsteiner was one [...]

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