Healthy Alternatives to Soda and Juice

Healthy Alternatives to Soda & Juice

One of my e-newsletter subscribers sent me a note the other day and asked if I had any tips for diabetic-friendly drinks. He said he was having trouble kicking a hard-core soda and juice habit.(To subscribe to my e-newsletter, click here or enter your email address in the box that says SUBSCRIBE in the right…

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Virgin Bloody Mary with Shrimp

Virgin Bloody Mary with Shrimp |

Do you feel left out when everyone around you is enjoying a cocktail? I indulge in adult beverages on special occasions, but I certainly often find myself in situations where others are drinking and it would be nice to join in on the fun. Enter a spicy Virgin Bloody Mary with so much flavor, you’ll…

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Citrus Spa Water

Citrus Spa Water with lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit flavors

Are you trying to kick the soda habit, but water isn’t doing it for you? Try adding citrus fruit juices like they do at the spa. A doctor once told me I should always squeeze a wedge of lemon into my water to make my body more alkaline. Theoretically, this keeps your liver healthy by…

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