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Tropical Fruit Turnovers

Mitch assembles the Tropical Fruit Turnovers

Let me start off by saying this recipe isn’t particularly diabetic-friendly. It’s here because my nephews came for a visit during their spring break and, one morning, they wanted to make breakfast for the CompostMaster and me. Mitch (age 11) should be credited with the concept – he knew [...]

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Dark Chocolate Nut Bark

The CompostMaster and I recently hosted a few friends for dinner, most notably Tarheel Eater. (If you are ever looking for restaurant recommendations in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I suggest you check out the Tarheel Eater blog.) I wanted a sweet bite for the end of the meal that wasn’t too heavy and [...]

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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Apricots

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so it’s time for a hit of chocolate. Since my sweetie and I are avoiding wheat at the moment, I decided to combine decadent dark chocolate with luscious dried apricots and pistachios instead of making a flour-based dessert. The result is a tasty snack or a nice sweet bite after a [...]

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