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Dark Chocolate Nut Bark

The CompostMaster and I recently hosted a few friends for dinner, most notably Tarheel Eater. (If you are ever looking for restaurant recommendations in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I suggest you check out the Tarheel Eater blog.) I wanted a sweet bite for the end of the meal that wasn’t too heavy and [...]

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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Apricots

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so it’s time for a hit of chocolate. Since my sweetie and I are avoiding wheat at the moment, I decided to combine decadent dark chocolate with luscious dried apricots and pistachios instead of making a flour-based dessert. The result is a tasty snack or a nice sweet bite after a [...]

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Olive Oil Cookies with Rosemary and Red Wine

These cookies taste like Christmas. They aren’t sweet and they aren’t decorated to resemble snowmen or reindeer, but if you were to package a Christmas tree in cookie form, this is what you’d get. The smell of rosemary reminds me of fresh holiday evergreens, especially since I’ve been known to throw a few ornaments on [...]

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