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Fennel and Kale Slaw

I recently attended the Taking Control of Your Diabetes® conference in Raleigh, NC. TCOYD is a non-profit group that strives to educate and motivate people with diabetes and their loved ones to take a more active role in managing their health care. This delicious Fennel and Kale Slaw was served for lunch at the conference.

I [...]

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Pickled Pink Onion Relish

I’m a sucker for anything that includes a jolt of vinegar. I just can’t seem to get enough of the tang. This brilliant pink pickled onion relish is the perfect condiment in my book. I’ve used it on salads, to top burgers and served alongside meatloaf. I’ve even eaten these onions straight from the jar [...]

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Dark Chocolate Nut Bark

The CompostMaster and I recently hosted a few friends for dinner, most notably Tarheel Eater. (If you are ever looking for restaurant recommendations in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I suggest you check out the Tarheel Eater blog.) I wanted a sweet bite for the end of the meal that wasn’t too heavy and [...]

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