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Creamy Coconut Chickpeas with Sweet Potatoes

So, you’re probably sick of seeing recipes featuring home-cooked chickpeas by now. I do want to showcase one more recipe before I take a break from the lovely garbanzo bean, however, to prove that chickpeas make delicious meatless entrées.

If you get the Cooking Channel, you might want to check out Jason Wrobel’s new Friday night [...]

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Artichoke Hummus

Whenever I made hummus in the past, it always required buying a giant jar of tahini (the only size I could find) which then sat in my refrigerator for months until I remembered it was in there and threw it out. I wasn’t a hummus-a-holic back in those days, so I didn’t make it often. [...]

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Buffalo Wing Hummus (Meatless)

I asked The CompostMaster if he wanted to throw a Super Bowl party this year. He got a funny look on his face and said he’d prefer a party with just the two of us so he could concentrate on the game. I’m usually more of a football fanatic than he is, so I was [...]

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