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Spicy Apple Squash Soup

Apples and butternut squash scream that autumn has arrived. Most dishes featuring these two ingredients tend to be sweet. Not this one! The Roasted Tomatillo Salsa gives this savory soup quite a punch.

When I first saw this golden orange soup, my mouth was prepared for a taste similar to Buttercup Squash Soup – creamy and [...]

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Overnight Porridge (Slow Cooker)

How great would it be to wake up on a busy morning and have breakfast already cooked? You could slow down and eat at home or pack up a bowl of this multi-grain porridge to take to work with you. With a slow cooker, it can happen.

I listed oats, rice, millet, barley, wild rice, grits [...]

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Quick and Easy Tomato Ketchup (Slow Cooker)

Do you love your slow cooker as much as I do? This week, the Virtual Potluck gang is celebrating the virtues of crockery cooking by throwing a party with Hamilton Beach and Harvard Common Press. We’re all giving away slow cookers and cookbooks too. More on that later. Thanks to Donna from Cookistry for hosting [...]

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