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Steamed Kale with Raspberries and Cashews

I like kale but I generally prefer it mixed with something else like Baked Beans with Swiss Chard and Kale, White Bean and Kale Bruschetta or a Green Smoothie. I’ve never been excited by a huge pile of cooked greens.

Although this dish is essentially a pile of steamed kale, it has sweet and tart notes [...]

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Pea Pancakes

When I was cooking these pancakes, I accidentally ripped one in half. Of course, I had to eat it. I certainly didn’t want an ugly pancake on my platter in the midst of all of the pretty ones. I was tempted to make more messy ones, let me tell you. I couldn’t believe that such [...]

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Vegetable Burrito

I recently attended the Eat Write Retreat food blogging conference in Philadelphia. I made many wonderful new friends and received samples of many products including something called finger limes from Shanley Farms. These limes are long and slender, sort of like small pickles. When you cut them open, tiny “caviar” balls full of citrusy goodness [...]

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