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White Bean and Kale Soup

Remember those White Beans with Kale we made a couple of days ago? Today, we’re going to use the leftover cooking liquid and some of the beans themselves to make a luscious soup.

If you have a fancy flavored oil, now’s the time to use it. I drizzled a touch of white truffle oil over my [...]

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White Beans with Kale

Do you need a dish you can cook on the weekend and then use to create other dishes during the week? This is that kind of dish. Prepare it on the weekend when you aren’t so crazed and then use it to create other meals on busy weeknights. Check back later this week for additional [...]

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Baked Oysters and Apples

If you want to stump your local Ace Hardware employee, walk into the store when it’s 50°F outside and ask for rock salt. After confirming that you do not have any ice on your driveway, ask if the product to which they direct you is pure salt or if it has any additives. Once reinforcements [...]

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