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Indian-Style Fuzzy Squash

I picked up a long, cylindrical green object at the farmers’ market. “What’s this?” I asked the young girl who was collecting money. “I don’t know,” she said. “Let me ask my sister.” It turned out to be something called a fuzzy squash. I’d never seen (or cooked) one before so, of course, I bought [...]

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Cherry Wheat Germ Muffins

We’ve been in a breakfast rut lately. When I saw a recipe for warm muffins with cherries and wheat germ, I decided to give it a try.

The original recipe in Cooking Light used dried cherries and 1½ cups all-purpose flour. I had some frozen cherries and thought they would be plumper and give more of [...]

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Stir-Fried Yard-Long Beans

I found another way to cook the yard-long beans we received in our CSA produce box: a combination of stir-frying and steaming. Apparently, “Chinese long beans” and “yard-long beans” are the same vegetable. Chinese cookbooks generally have a recipe or two for long beans.

I found several very similar recipes, the one below is most closely [...]

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