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Chicken Cacciatore

“Cacciatore” literally means “hunter” in Italian, so Chicken Cacciatore is a chicken dish prepared “hunter-style.” Most versions contain tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbs and wine. Some versions also contain mushrooms, but mushrooms are evil, so my recipe does not include them. Most Chicken Cacciatore dishes involve dredging chicken pieces (with skin) in flour and frying them [...]

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Turkey Lentil Soup

After Thanksgiving, don’t throw out your turkey carcass. Instead, use it and some of your leftover turkey to make this nutritious, fiber-rich lentil soup.

Make sure to sort through your lentils prior to cooking to remove any small stones or other debris. After sorting, rinse the lentils thoroughly in cold water. Cooking lentils is simple, but [...]

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Black Bean Soup with Cilantro-Lime Cream

Give homemade black bean soup an extra kick with a dollop of sour cream laced with cilantro, lime and jalapeño sauce.

I was looking through one of those “30 days of menus for diabetics” plans for some lunch ideas. One lunch featured canned black bean soup. I immediately thought of a black bean soup recipe [...]

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