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Spicy Black Beans with Tomatoes and Corn

We just returned from a trip and had very little fresh food in the house. We had been eating in restaurants three meals a day for a week and were craving something home-cooked and hearty, but we didn’t feel like going to the store.

We did have some canned black beans, canned tomatoes, garlic, frozen corn, [...]

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Wanted: Healthy Kids' Menus

I just returned from a family vacation to Florida that included my two nephews, ages 7 and 5. There are no kids on the planet more likely to get type 2 diabetes than these two; both of their parents have it and all of their grandparents do (or did) as well. I’m just hoping they [...]

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Brownie Pancakes

Who can think about Valentine’s Day without also thinking about chocolate? This can prove to be a particularly tempting time for diabetics. Wouldn’t it be great if chocolate was actually good for us?

A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine (March 2009) concluded that people who avoided eating chocolate after their first heart attack [...]

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